FAA Certified Ground School & Flight Training School

Ever dreamed of having the freedom to fly an aircraft?
Most of us have, but few ever do.

Felts Field Aviation Flight Training programs are located at Felts Field with FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) facilities on the premises for added convenience. Our maintenance facility offers a compliment of service and parts for all flight school aircraft to insure reduced down-time. The Felts Field general aviation airport area is ideal for training flights without the crowded airspace and air traffic found at large commercial airports. For pilots desiring higher-density controlled air space, we will incorporate into the curriculum, flight training at Spokane International Airport (GEG).

• FAA Certified CATS Training
• Advanced Flight Instruction
• Aircraft Rental
• Large Classroom
• Spacious Lobby Area
• Direct Taxiway & Runway Access
• Airport Terminal Access
• Expansive Aircraft Tiedown & Vehicle Parking
• Adjoining Aircraft Hangar

Receive personalized attention from our qualified staff before, during & after your training.

Advanced flight instruction enables students to excel and "get off the ground" sooner.
Programs We offer FAA Certified Ground School and Flight Training School courses for new and experienced pilots. Students are allowed to learn at their own pace with an emphasis on fundamentals and safety. Each student trains one-on-one with our highly qualified instructors using various conventional and high-tech flight training system. This program is used in training for all certificates and ratings to insure a thorough and proper training sequence and includes all text materials and several hours of multimedia training. We have also developed a unique training system to demonstrate various airplane systems including a complete set of working flight instructions to enhance learning opportunities. FAA standards are emphasized in every aspect of equipment maintenance and flight training. At the conclusion of each course, students take an FAA test in the classroom with our FAA Certified CATS Testing Program. Ground School Courses are continuously available to insure a complete understanding of fundamentals and assist students in successfully passing the FAA written test.

For pilots who have completed all private Ground School and Flight Training requirements, we offer various advanced training programs to assist in acquiring additional ratings and qualifications.

Instructors Our instructors meet stringent FAA standards aviation experience, teaching abilities and educational background. Our instructors represent many years of aviation training experience and are certified FAA Flight/Ground Instructors. The primary goals of our instructors is to help each student become a knowledgeable, safe and competent pilot so that they can enjoy the exhilarating world of aviation.

Equipment A simulator is available to save students time and money and permit better instrument instruction. Multimedia equipment and materials are also available to all students. The adjoining facility is also equipped with general maintenance and avionics repair equipment and personnel.

Get Your Wings with Felts!